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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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item. but first, we'reraing a chance of strong storms again this evening. >> live team coverage starts now. but first we go toea live ng news. a woman seriously hurt in a shooting oside this mcdonald's in fredericksbg. ong carl silver parkway. police there looking for a man who witnesses say took off in a blac fwgmc yukon xl. in the meantime, let's get down to the forecast. storms moving in once again. >> the timing is a little later msday, but we could see some strong thunderstnce again. >> storm team 4 meteorolo tsts gettinngs started from the storm center. >> a highf 93. now we're tracking another round of storms. stormsonight have the potential to have very heavy rainfall and the timing a little
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biter tonight. >> we're watching some in our southwestern zones. take a look, show you the radar. this is the wide view, mid-atlantic view. down tour south here towards charlottesville, roanoke. lookingt this line, thi is the line that may actually come through later this evening, but right now we are tracking some in our aa. those storms down towards the shenandoah valley right now. a pretty big storm there. this one making its way towards madison county and eventually towards colepepper county. if you live south of warrant. this is the area for the next two to three hours i expecte to storms. the rest of us could get in on the action a little later. that storm making its way your way. the update on this forecast is showing y what's nexto come. see you back here in about ten minutes. >> thank you,he doug. stay of any nasty
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eather your our nbc washington app. doug's hour byoour forecast t help you plan. more breaking news from southeast washingto now nearly four months after police discovered three sets of human remains buried in and around an apartment building in southeast d.c., forensi teams were back at the scene today digging in a second location. the activit focused in a wooded area about a half a block fro the original site. a spokesperson for the chief medical examiner who inspected the location himself tells news 4 no new evidence was recovered today. breaking right now, virginia governor and city of charlottesville have declared states of emergency ahead of events that will mark the anniversary ahead of last year's deadly white supremacist rally. >> as the region braces for the white supremacist rally in washington this weekend, members of the d.c. council were briefed on security plans by the chief of police. butep the information was
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secret from the public. news 4 was t only news organization in the room when council members voted to have the public removed. now.segraves is live mark, why were you thrown out of the meeting? did the chief say anything aboue rity? >> reporter: yeah, good evening. yes, they told us that they didn't want tose rel any information that could jeopardize police policies or procedures or their investigation. in fact, chief newsham tol members of the council before he kicked us out he was going to reveal information to them that he never wanted the public to know about how they prepare for theseypes of protests. now the council members voted unanimously to remov the public from that meeting. the briefing went on for about an hour. we waited outside the room for about an hour before chief newsham emerged. he said what happened in charlottesville is not going to happen in december. when that turned deadly, he said
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it's not goi to happen in d.c. while he wouldn't provide any details about what their plans h ar did say that they've learned two important lessons from charlottesville that won't be repeated here. here is what he told us. >> the second criticism was a failure to keep the two groups separated. i can tell you we're going to make sure that happens here. >> with physical barriers and. >> with whatever weeed to do, all right? >> so the other thing that he said he learned from charlottesville is that police organization, separate pol ie department virginia on that day, did not communicate well amongst each other. he sd that goes on every day here in d.c. for big rallies, inaugurations and what not. he says that w't be a problem either. he stressed he's going to do whatever it takes to make sur that the protesters and counterprotesters are kept separad. he sai that every d.c. police officer will be deployed on that sunday afternoon. he did say tomorrow afternoon he and the mayor, and we hope metro
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officials, all plan to have a briefing to tell the public exactly what their plans are leading into this weekend. that's the very latest. pat, back to you. >> thanks, mark. we know this is a very important story and we're staying on top of it for you. when we learn new information, we'll make sure to get that to you immediately. remember, our nbc washington app ee your home for complete coverage of thisnd's events. d.c. police are hoping that this new surveillance video they've released will help them solve frightening series of robberies andki apping. one attacker posed as a ride-share driver. live with details about these crimes. derek, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, leon again, all of these crimes happened betwn mid july a earlier this month here along the busy u streetat coorrridor. take a look at this video and
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pictures. police believe this manwo and n are suspects in these cases. there was a small silver hatch back used in at least one of the cases. the first one happened on july 14th in the 1400 block of u. the victim and the suspect got into aversation about smoking marijuana and the victim agreed to go to the suspect's car in an alley nearby. it turns out that wasn't what it was about. he was forced at gunpoint to go to didn't ms and withdraw money. he was als robbed his ofis wallet, cell phone and credit cards before being released in. maryla it happened on july 27th, in the same area. convertions about marijuana turned into an armed robbery with the suspect being dropped off in maryland after being robbed. no third incident happened on august 4th. again, back here in the300 block of u street, but this time the victim thought that the kespect was an uber driver. we t to some folks about the precautions they take before
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getting into a ride-share vehicle. >> check the name of the driver and make sure they know my na. that's why they give you the names, i guess. i think something like that becomes so commonplace you forget to do the common sense kind of thing. >> now, again, in thatcase, the victim was robbed of belongings and forced to withdraw money from the atm. he actually jumped out of the car somewhere in maryland. treated for minor injuries before he got back to town and reported it to the police. police want you to be careful and hope that video will help jog some people's memori. back to you. >> derek, thanksh. so m a montgomery county school bus chargdriver faces a new chaf raping his student. already facing charges he raped a speci needs student.
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during the time, the school bus attendant was a from the bus helping another student. the video surveillance allegedly shows him sexually abusing another student on the bus bringing the additional charges. he has been a bus driver with montgomery county for the past 12 years. two children reported ssing yesterday from southeast washington are now safe. we're happy to report.d. police are not sharing details about what happened but they tell news 4 that 1-year-old and his sister fnd. this announcement coming shortlf after the joined the search this morning. a pair of siblings missing from lver springs still have yet to be found. candice and carmen vanished over the weekend. the girls are 11 and6 years old. the father tells news 4 he believes his daughters ran away busn't understand why they left without their clothes, any money or their eyeglasses. an amber alert issued for a
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child from harrisonburg, virginia. virginia state police believe that she and her grandmother were kidnapped together sunday. the man who alleg tlyk them is now in custody but no signs yet of this grandmothed.and this chil a republican congressman is accused of tipping off his son and helping him avoid hundreds of thousands of dollarsn stock losses. representative chris collins from new york turne himself into the fbi this morning to be indicted on insider trading charges. he pled not guilty. the star witnesses in paul manafort's trial stepped dowfr the stand today. manafort's longtime business associate rick gates implicated himself and manafort in his testimony this week. manafort's lawrs tried to paint gates as a liar. manafort p once ranresident donald trump's campaign. blayne alexander will bring us e latest on both of these stories coming up here at 4:45. pat?
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>> in four years, the lig rail purple line is expected be open for business. its 16-mile track with connectm montgo and prince george's county. connecting commutes who liveal g east-west highway. bureau chief tracy -- >> rorter: getting used to the sounds of const tction. work o purple line is well under way. >> the construction has bee kind of difficult. >> reporter: it's about to get worse. >> we're getting ready to establish our work zone to start building the foundations that will carry the purple line light rail overea and dow-west highway. >> reporter: the purple line is a 16-mile light rail system that extends from bethesda to new carrollton. the right lane of east-west highway will close to traffic. it will narrow a portion of the
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already congested road to one lane going east for years to come. >> there will definitely be traffic impacts. >> rorter: work is also beginning to build new temporary bridges for bw parkway as construction on the underground tunnel begins. traffic will be on those new temporary bridges by spring. >> an interesting fact is we have to hand take down every single one of those stones because it's historic. we'll end up putting those back on at the end. >> reporter: some neighbors say they feel left out of the quickly moving project and w aren't surt to expect from day to day. >> about two years ago they gave laus a after that, next thing you know, bulldozers, you know, sto signs. >> reporter: not clear communication on the timeline and what to expect? >> absolute >> reporter: the purple line is offering electronic messaging for folks who are interested in ring out what's going on at this project as it happens. if you'd like to sign up, go to nbc wasn and search "purple line updates." in prince george's county, i'm tracy wilkins, news
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>> i feel for those folks. >> oh, yeah. going to be a rough few years. heads up as you work through your back to school to-do list. >> thenc -causing agent found in a popular school supply. and a disturbing attack on a man with special needs. a teenage girl now charged with murder. what set off that wambush. >>re getting you ready for another round of storms.he sunny out right now but you can see the storms moving in on the radar.
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let's take a look andee how things are shaping up outside. sunny andot and humid outside there but storming are moving in on the radar as y can see on the right of your screen. out theere to time thunderstorms moving in tonight and who can see the worst of them. we'll check in with him in just a few minus. a 15-year-old girl is being held withouthi bond ts afternoon charged as an adult with murder. beating is accused of and robbing a man in aspen hills back in june. in courtto y, the judge referenced the gruesome and gratuitous nature of the crime news 4's meagan fitzgerald is at the scene where the crime unfolded. tell us about the day in court, meagan. >> reporter: pat, investigators tell us the 15-year-old was walking along hewitt avenue here
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suspects.ther that's when they encounteredle this disab victim. they not only robbed him but investigators say they also beat him in that wooded area just along georgia avenue here and hewitt. then after they beat the buy, attheyed as he crawls into georgia avenue and watch as he's struck by a car. this all happened in the early morning hours on june 8 investigators say 21-year-old kenneth, 15-year-old ashley and hermate at kennedy high school were seen in the area trying to open the doors of parked cars. just after 3:00 a.m.,st inators say the three suspects spotted gregly atwood, a disabled man walking down hewitt avenue and stole his backpack. according to court documents, atwood followed the suspects, demanding for them to return his bag. that's when he was beaten with hi walking stick. investigators say ashley threwbe can at atwood's head and he
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collapsed. >> at one point h crawled out of that area in an attempt to away. he went into georgia avenue. collapsed there. lay motionless and that's when the suspects watched him get struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: investigators say before atwood was struck by car, the suspects stole his wallet. moments later, policeei say suance video shows the group returning to parking lots trying to enter unlocked car now, that 17-year-old suspect was indicted on a first-degree murder charge last week. as far as theea 21old suspect is concerned, he is in jail without bond,eing charged at this moment with assault robbery.elated to that we are told that more charges will soonreollow. porting in montgomery county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. changes gears and talk about the weather. same pattern. >> yeah. >> getting tough to break this. >> it is. we're going to break it later
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tomorrow, i th ak. we break i least a little bit. hoill hot tomorrow, not quite as humid. and humid day today for sure. high temperatures to 93 degrees earlier. sitting at the heat index close to 1 n. prete if you're looking from the inside looking out. a pretty good shot here as we take a look towards the cathedral and parts of d.c. you see blue skies and only a few clouds. not a single thunderstorm there. that's because w look to the south and east. as we look to the west, a diffent story 93 degrees. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. 92, hunting town, 91 annapolis. we are tracking storms. no ding around the. metro area. i expect us to stay dry for the next couple of hours in d.c., hower, take a look towards the soug south and west. pretty big storms in madison county under a severe
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thunderstorm warning. cole pepper county seeing activity, too. watching this storm. very heavy rainfall along 81. this is going to move int page county from shaenandoah county. most of us remaining dry for most of the evening. however, we're tracking storms back even farther to the west. this is why we said timing would be a little later today. first the area of storms, but back towards justt entering w virginia right now. that's what we could see later tonight. we're talking 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. heads up. keep a watchful eye to the sky as you make your way out this evening. take the umbrella just in case. the wider system is moving our way. behind it we're actually going to see fairly nice weather tomorrow. i'll call it nice. we'll get to that in a second. i'll show you why. 93 in d.c. no 90s back tards the west. all 90s yesterday.
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cooler air trying to mov in. it's not going to feel all that much cooler tomorrow. still talking a high of around 90 degrees but with a little less humidity, think tomorrow the best day to get lunch outdoors. 90, ioslated showerble tomorrow afternoon. i don't think you'll need the umbrella. betweenbe far and few and should be fairly light. maybe a moderate downpour but thatxt it. couple of days, 90 on thursday, 91 on friday.ho isolatedr or storm possible each day but most of us dry. the rain really moves back in saturday and sunday. i'll still not calling for a washout of a weekend. if you've got plans this t weekens is a forecast you really want to watch for. showers and storms lely. 60% chance of storms on sunday with a high of 8 ybe a little sun this weekend but not much. stormy on monday, too. this could be sunday, monday, tuesday, setting up for more potential floodncerns. that's something we're going to be tracking for you. next week, staying on the warm
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and humid side justbo all next week. >> all right. thank you, doug. an american classic marks a milestone today. >> ford has produced its 10 millionth mustang. >> the first came off the assembly line in19 and ever since it has been one of the mostconic musclecars. it is the biggest selling sports car in the world ever. check o this video. mustangs from each year, they put them in the parking lot to form the number 10 million at a an plant. over the years, the mustang has been featured in more movies and has more facebook followings than any other cn the world. the 10 millionth one just like the very first one off the production line is wimbledon white. you can buy a new oneoday for more than ten times as much. it has been a year of moo for the mustang. speed mcqueen drove in the movie "bullet." the green one that got a beat
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up. that was here in d.c. last fall during a sell probation of its 50th year. the bullet mustang put i a giant glass case on the national mall by the national historic vehicle association. it came out for a bit. i got a chance to get a very super rare ride-along in that car. >> that must have been exciting. thrilling. >> i can't tell you.ou you know when get to go in your garden? >> yeah. >> multiply that bten. >> got a real charge out of it. it is the kitchen tool you probably use every day. >> are you doing enough to keep your cutting boards clean? consumer reporter susan hogan explains why it takes more than soap and water to do the job. plus, the next time you're feeling sick, you may not have to (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door clos) (sound of engine starting)
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♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door oning) (car door closes) in(sound of engine sta ♪ ♪ a consumer alert for parents buying school supplies for your children. you'd be wise to avoid play scho brand crayons. sold at dollar tree and found to have trace elements ofes as. the group conducts annual testing of toys and school supplies. it's unclear if the asbestos
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poses a dangers b the cpsc says children sometimes eat a crayons recommends parents avoid that brand as precaution. they are undoubtedly the workhorses of your kiten. we're talking about your cutting boards. >> you probably use them every day. how do you keep them in top shape and make surere they're of bacteria? >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with some rely great tips. >> reporter: one of the first hich isns you may have, better at resisting bacteria, plastic or wood? >> recent research actually suggests that neither wood nor wood cutting blirds are more ly to harbor dangerous bacteria lyle salmonella. >> reporter: don't use the same board for bread, fruit andha veggies you use for raw meat and poeltery. >> you can scrub them down in the sinm or pop t in the dishwasher.
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>> reporter: wood boards need a bit more attention. don't soak them in water or they can warp. protect the wood with a food grade mineral oil and rub i bees wax based cream to reduce absorption of liquids.if our wood board smells of the foods you've cut on, eliminate odor by rubbing wit lem and salt and then rinse and pat dry. wash every cutting board with a tablespoon bleach to one gallon of water. give and rinse dry thoroughly. store upright to facilitate air flow and you're done. you know how beaten up your cutting board c look after awhile. when it gets scarred looking, that's when it's time to go and buy yourself another one. >> thank you, susan. >> great tips. >> wash we're keeping an eye on chances for storms tonight. >> tou m says they'lle in a little later this evening and they may be worse than the nasty weather we saw last night.
4:28 pm
we're timing it out when the storms will move in and what impact they could have on the rest of the week. an update on security ahead of this weekend's white
4:29 pm
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. now at 4:30, we are keeping a close eye on chances for storms tonight. re storms. looking live outside, you can see the bad weather hasn't quite moved int the district yet. >> chieflo meteost doug cammer says the stuff is coming.
4:31 pm
>> it was cing downesterday right here in our studios right around 4:30, but not the case today. we've got some time before they start moving int our area. you can see right now, nothing arnd d.c. back to the west, this is what i'm watching later for tonight. nothing around d.c. i think the evening rh should be fine for most locations. look towards the southwest, shand -- this one looks like it's going below sever limits swn around madison county. watching thisrm right here as it breaks its way across the blue ridge. much more on this in about 15 minutes. >> thankou, doug. > the city of charlottesville and the state of virginia are under a stateergency this weekend. events will mark one year since deadly white supremacist rally. that same rally is being heldsn d.c. tear across from the white house. erika gonzalez is in the
4:32 pm
newsroom to explain how our city is preparing. >> reporter: pat, the specifics are not being made public,ut today the d.c. police chief vowed the violence seen last ye in charlottesville will not happen in the district of columbia. one counterprotester died when cite supremacists and counterprotestershed last year in charlottesville. chief peter newsham told us all officers will be s deployedunday and he also saidy our c has experience with high-tension rallies and knows how to separate groups. they're always in communication with surrounding policit something that didn't happen in charlottesville. they will hold a briefing to plain how to keep the mick safe. the police chief briefed the d.c. council o the detai today but the public was not allowed to hear the information. >> the public has reason to be concerned. residents worried because the group organizing sunday's rally has a history of deadly
4:33 pm
olence. reassurances from police may help calm some fears but a topic many people are talking about forsure. here with today's talk around tore. whatour lynners having to say about this whole thing coming to >> our listeners have been following the story since i first hit the media about them coming to the district. they don't want them here but they understanav they every right to state theirr position. listeners understand, they have ever right to state their opposition to this as well. i think they look back and thinking this is d.c. and it's 2018. they really are in disbeli h it'spening here. we took to the streets today and talked to some of our listeners this is lisa from washington, d.c. toit's a bold act to come not only the nation's capital but one of the most highly concentrated major cities where african-americans reside, live, work, give their blood, sweat and tears, prayers, songs, et
4:34 pm
cetera, to affront our existence like that. at the same time, i am aware that there is a counterprotest being led by black churches in this city called thed uni to love rally. that's going to be a major t responset love is stronger than hate and conquers all the foolishness that comes with that. >> i think it's a good saying. really realizing our listeners do not want violence. , >> the thing ll the characteristics that lisa mentioned about this city, being a maj city, so many racial minorities here represented here in this town, maybe tt's a reason why for the white supremacists it's important to be here to express themselves. what are your listeners saying about how safe they're going to feel about this? do they feel the city is going to be properly prepared. arthey expecting violence? >> that's the million-dollar question. ade a statement they're not going to give out all the
4:35 pm
details. our listeners want to hear exactly what metro and dmps going to do to make sure everyone involved is safe. two opposing sides on a smalloi train to and from this destination. it's a hot button issue. so, you know, jason, he's one of our listeners. he spoke o. it's a hot button issue and our listeners want to find out witt the is doing so they can be sure to attend. >> her hs toing it goes smoothly and safely. you'll be reporting on i >> absolutely. >> thank you. see you soon. >> pat? a d.c. library forced to shut its doors for t days because of uninvited guests. we're not talking abo people, we're talking about snakes. snakes in the library. >> okay. jim and wendy in the newsroom with mor on that. >> forget a plane, it's the library, folks. >> libraries have been shut down for a lot of reasons, but for reptiles? >> coming up at 5:00, you never know because s ofkes.
4:36 pm
until now, ahead at 5:00, how the scalyit vs wound up inside in the first place. also, we have a story you're on going to see on news 4 night. one of the victims from last year in charlottesville is telling her story to julie carey. the wom suffered two broken legs, a broken arm and a long, challenging year of recovery. omshe talks about thet a car plowed into her. >> when i was hit, i had no tea what was going on. i had heard screaming that sounded different from the rest of the day and i was just beginning to think, should i run? and then i heard - that was hit hitting bodies. >> much more from this powerful interview coming up at 5:00, including this woman's determination to get better and what is next for her. >> it's an inspiring story not to be missed on a busy wednesday. heion and pat, back to you for no f >> lookingward to it. see you in just a bit.
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what new research tells about your chances of surviving a heart turns out your gender may matter. and the first congressman to endorse president trump now under arrest. we'll go live to capitol hl we'll go live to capitol hl and get ilth
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we are working for your health this evening withor important ition for women about advancing yourself in the emergency room.ut a study this week in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences says women are more likely to survive heart attack when treated by a female doctor in the e experts say you can avoid being part of that statistic by speaking up at the hospital. clearly explain your symptoms and know when they began. tell your doctor if your heart is the problem and request tests that diagnosis a heart att hk and beest about your family's heart history. next time you or your child feels under the weather, youno y have to leave the house to see your doctor.
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cvs is launcng house call service through its app. you can video chat with medical professionals 24 hoursda a the service is designed for minor and common issues like skin infections or mil flu symptoms. video visits cost $59 each. they're already avail -le across th they will launch nationwide by the end of the year. new research on a controveial andometimes scary choice for mothers. ahead at 5:00, the one thing researchers say can lower, reduce the need for a c-section. growing wildfires out west. now impacting the start of school. an update on h long it's going to take to get these blazes unde control. amelia? >> leon, right now on storm team 4 radar, doug and i tracking thunderstorms mainly aroun i-81 and south of 66. these are moving to the east. heavy rain likely in spots tonight but how does this impact humidityevels tomorrow and l
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four things to know this afetrnoon. let'sou caught up. erica gonzalez has the scoop from the newsroom. > hi, pat. first up, storm team 4 is tracking chances for strong storms. ey are moving in right now. in fact on the radar, doug and amelia will explain how they'll impact your plans tonight. d.c. police are not sharing specifics but they vow to keep the public safe during sunday's white supremacist rally. the event marks one year since the group's violent and dearly rally in ctesville. we're work a breakingtory in fredericksburg, virginia, right now. one whom is critically injured after a shooting at mcdonald's on a carilver parkway. the vehicle was found in fredericksburg but no sign of the suspect. traffic i about to get worse for people who live and commute along the future purpl line starting tomorrow.
4:46 pm
one eastbound lane of the east-west highway between kennelwoeh ave and mustang drive in river dale park will close to traffic. t that's going narrow a portion of the road to one lane going east for years to come. pack ov back over to yo guys in the udio. we turn to the arrest of republican congressman chris collins of new york. w hepped up his first court appearance within the hour after entering a not guilty pleach to ges connected to insider trading. blayne alexander is tracking t developments os case for us. >> his attorneys are vowing to fight all of this, but prosecutors say they've got e-mails, phone logs and just a numb of records that show the congressman committed a crime. prosecutors say that it happened atle one of the most vis places in the world. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: as he and his colleagues celebrated president trump on the white house lawn at last year's congressional picnic, prosecutors say new york gop congressman chris collins
4:47 pm
was committing a crime. >> he tipped his son s cameron that cameron and a few select others could trade on the news while theting public remained in the dark. >> reporter: as a board member of an australian biotech company, collins allegedly got an e-mail about a new drug trial that failed. >> devastating information for ecompany. congressman collins had an obgation, a legal duty to keep that information secret. e> reporter: instead, prosecutors say called his n a as many as seven times matter of minutes to pass along the news, which then was spread to other family members, all of om sold their stocks. when the fbi asked him about it, prosecutors say collins lied. >> this is a powerful indictment. >> reporter: this morning, collins turned himself in and his attorneys are promising to fight, writing, we are confidenl he be completely vindicated and exonerated. one of the i richest men congress, collins was the first
4:48 pm
house member to publicly endorse donald trump for president >> where is chris? oh, chris, right from the beginning he said trump is going to wi >> reporter: today house speaker paul ryan called for the house ethi committee tonvestigate and said until it's settled collins will be sidelined from his committee asgnments. that committee assignment where he serves is the house energy and commerce committee, the very committee that oveees the pharmaceutical industry. leon? >> thank you. blilne alexander on capitol for us. thanks, blayne. let's get the latest on the timing araing those storms, doug. >> last night waiting for people to come home might have been a little longer than unusual. not going to be anss tonight. i don't think the storms will hit until later this evening but they're already hitting parts of our region now. most of us dry this evening back down towards culpeper
4:49 pm
county, fauquiernt c you can see this line beginning to form from harrisonburg towards woodstock.ow right overds warren county, virginia, right along 66. this whooi line is to continue to move towards the east. very r heavynfall. wind with this. a little bit in the way of lightning, tooer not s yet but it is a storm we're going to be traering for you very closely. on the wider view, this is just the first round of storms we have coming through our area. most of this should stay south of 66. most of it shoul stay south. thads up around fredericksburg later. we get into this area around 7:00, 8:00,th 9:00. 's when we think some of this is going to move on through and some of those storms could be -- temperatures dropping to abt 85 by 7:00, down to 78 by 11:00. notice some thunder right around th 9:00 hour. that's what we think is the critical area for the c. met
4:50 pm
re-aah, 8:00, 9:00. 101 in indianapolis. 95 in gaithersburg. quantico, 125, that one is not a true testament but still on the hot and humid side. >> tomorrow will have minor relief from the humidity but it's going to feel a little humid out there. high temperature tomorrow around 90 degrees. ay he wit 90, tomorrow will be our sixth of this heatwave. that 90 feeling like 95. friy. eelitus ilo sut ove ryarim 95 degrees. satuay, temperatures only in the mid-80s for highs. with pnty of cloudiness out there, it will only feel 90 degrees out there on saturday. tomorrow having a pretty low impact on your day. it's not as soupy out there, especially during the afternoon hours. if you're taking the kids to the
4:51 pm
pool tomorrow, it is looking fantastic out there. just make sure they have the sunscreen. eating outdoors, can't rule out an isolated shower orrm thunders for most if not all of us, it is looking like a mainly dry thursday and very similar weather on f wday. look to the weekend, a bit of a different story. peeks ofunshine here a there, for the most part partly to mostly cloudy skies. we start the weekend in the mid-70s. a hig s onurday of 86 degrees with scattered showers and thunderstorms at times. dry t as well. then more scattered showers and thunderstorms on sunday. not a washout put if you have outdoor plans you definitely want to have the nbc washington app to have the latest forecast andra r. >> we are expecting those showers and storms to come through. maybe flood concerns on sunday, monday and tuesdayto as a develops around our region. tomorrow, 91 degrees. so, yeah still hot, but as amelia said, not as humid. stormy monday asd t. that's the situation we're going to be watching closely. we've had so much rain over
4:52 pm
last month and a half. we don't need to see anymore. looks like we could see a familiarsetup. next wednesday and thursday, temperatures still a little bit above average. nbc 4 is rooted in the community. >> yeah, back in the spring may recall we planted our own bed at oasis urban garden, a community garden in te hills, which has gotten a lot of that run. we planted a bunch of stuff, russian carrots, kale, peas and these, cucumbers. >> those a cucumbers? >> thoses orange thiou saw, yes, those are cucumbers. actually, yes. you can see that they are pretty huge. tu see me proudly displaying them. se are cucumbers that have reached their peak. they're long past their peak. between 50 and 70 days after planting you're supposed to harvest. cause of all the storms doug mentioned, that's what happened to them. this i my harvest.
4:53 pm
>> this is a cucumber? >> yeah. these arehuge, aren't they? >> it looks like a giant sweet potato or a squash of some kind. >> it does. what happens is they turn green, that's chlorophyl. after they reach peak, they start to l the chlorophyl, turn a little yellow and then orange. they're well past their prime. weouldn't harvest them because there was rain for weeks. >> thanks, doug. >> i also wantho to you we got baby carrots. carrot already. >> that's right. i thought they were weeds. that's why i pulled them up. oo>> this thing like it should be on a key chain. >> it should still be in the. grou that's where it should be. let me show you the success story here. these are peppers. >> oh, okay. what kind of peppers are they? >> i don't know whahe kind are. i know they're peppers and they're not orange. bana pepper >> okay. >> that's right. >> thank you, jesse. >> thank you, jesse. so we learned something. >> this is why our masterrd
4:54 pm
er with the university of maryland says harvest when it's time toes ha >> if i'm in a restaurant and somebody t brings a cucumbme this color, i'm turning and running. >> nobody's going to do that. they're not the best for eating but you can make relish out them and brine. this is a good time to plant for the fall. you candslant all k of greens, mustards, collared, radishes,urps and -- it can take up to 150 days to harvest i the brocc and at least 90 days for the brussels sprouts. >> do they turn orange as well and grow the side of basketballs? >> i'm guessing they probably do. let's just stick to the rules and harvest when you're supposed to. we've learned a lesson. i've grown flowers for a decade but this is my first experience growing veggies. >> you're a pro now. >> not quite but i'm learning.
4:55 pm
>> all rit, folks, new research on how your gender affects the success of your diet. the unique benefits for women that may have been overlooked. >> plus, the mega infernobu ing out west. the local push to help the firefighters as we get a new timeline on howong it could timeline on howong it could l
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪
4:58 pm
♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ firefighters are working arou the clock at more than a dozen wildfires across california. >> the mendocino complex wildfire nowas become the largest in the history of the state. that's saying something. >> it is. nbc's jay gray explains why firefighters are losing ground in some spots. >> this fire is a massive fire. still out of control here. >> reporter: flames rushing frot hillsi hillside. a rolling inferno swallowing everything in its path. >> you take epic drought, combine it with high temperatures, you've got all the ingredients for unprecedented wildfir:s. >> repornvestigators believe the latest, the holy
4:59 pm
hire outside of los angeles, was sparked by man, forrest garden clark, arrested on felony arson charges. there are close to 20 wildfires burning across california rit now. >> i think this is the new normal that we're going toee in california. >> reporter: statewide more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed. scorched.6,000 acres those numbers like the flames continue to grow. fireso intense -- you can see the tornado-like weather condition there. >> reporter: they'vepaed flame-wrapped tornados with winds of 150 miles an hour. firestorms that continue to push thousands from their homes. >> just get out. get all the animals out. get your belongings, your papers, everything, all your documents, get it and get it >> reporter: as firefighters continue to rush in, more than 14,000 on the ground now joined by army soldiers for aex fight cted to continue for weeks here. jay gray, nbc news.
5:00 pm
developing at 5:00 -- enate of emerg. new details on safety measures in virginia and the district as white sup rally.s prepare to plus, a survivor's story. h >> i no idea that i was hit by a car at that time. i was just spinningn the and then the crash was occurring under me. >> a northern virgini woman who was sentn airborne w a white nationist plowed a car into the crowd tells her story for the first time. and making way for the highway. >> they assured , we're going to make this as easy and painless as possible. instead, it's been the totoppos. >>al idents they'vews 4 st their homes as part of the plan to expand i-66. but first up at 5:00 night, folk don't get too used to the blue skies where you are. storm team 4 tracking another al round of pot storms. >> it's the routine this


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